Sexual Harassment reported at Regina ‘s Street Culture Project


Street Culture Project is a Regina-based non-profit charitable organization that works with vulnerable youth, and allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the charity have been turned over to the local police.

Street Culture board chair Cassandra Klassen sent an email that says:

“The investigation uncovered a toxic workplace and a number of inappropriate management practices that will not be tolerated going forward.”

Claiming that organization’s management has been treating them badly, more than 16 people reported sexual harassment, misconduct, and intimidation to the police last year. A spokesperson for the Regina Police Service confirmed that the organization had sent them the findings of its report to aid the ongoing investigation. Street Culture Project’s report also recommended improved board governance and more education for staff and management surrounding policies.

Former Street Culture employee Samantha Bird said:

“It was disappointing, and if I’m being honest, it’s kind of a disgrace to those that had to read it, given the fact that this is 20 years of abuse being summarized into what — five pages?”

The management released 12 calls to action, requesting a public apology to staff who were mistreated while being a part of the Street Culture senior management.

“I’m looking for more concrete solutions rather than ‘we’re going to give everybody counseling,'” Bird added.

CEO Kim Sutherland, former executive director Dustin Browne and director of operations Mike Gerrand were all reported for inappropriate management practices. After sexual harassment allegations appeared, Kim Sutherland retired, and Dustin Browne resigned. After being sent on administrative leave, Gerrand has returned to work.

Klassen explained Gerrand’s return in an email:

“It was discovered that Mike was a low risk to the organization, that his skills and experience would benefit Street Culture and he was brought back to work.”


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