Sex Education Season 4 Launches with Groundbreaking French Campaign


The much-anticipated fourth season of the riveting comedy-drama series ‘Sex Education’ has made its illustrious debut on Netflix. The British hit TV series has sparked not just entertainment, but also an essential dialogue on sexual education across borders, inspiring a groundbreaking campaign in France, initiated by the family planning agency, Le Planning Familial.

Encouraging open conversations about sex amongst young adults, the campaign, remarkably conceived in association with Netflix, advocates crucial access to sex education for all. As part of this unique endeavor, posters inspired by inquiries commonly posed by individuals aged 15-25 from the TV show can be sighted in various French metropolitan areas.

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‘Sex Education’ explores the story of young Otis, brilliantly portrayed by Asa Butterfield, who evolves into a teen sex therapist due to the ingenuity of the business-savvy Maeve, played by Emma Mackey. Their exceptional journey showcases them operating their self-styled ‘therapy clinic’ within their school premises.

The Netflix original series has established a distinct footprint in the cinematic space with its explicit honesty, categorical representation of intricate topics, and display of diversity, earning it appraisal from across the globe. Even though France made sex education a compulsory part of the curriculum in 2001, Le Planning Familial highlights the persistent lack of access to reliable, inclusive information about sex, revealing the uncertainty and unanswered questions faced by the French youth.

Le Planning Familial’s president, Sarah Durocher, stated that the TV series has emerged as an insightful information source, igniting thoughtful queries from the youth. Significantly, the campaign posters underscore five essential questions inspired by the TV series, such as “Is foreplay sex?”, “How do I discern my sexual orientation?” and “Is contraception exclusive to females?” Aligning with the show’s final season, the tagline asserts, ‘It’s the final season, but sex education continues.’ The critical campaign is scheduled to run until Tuesday.

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