Severed Limbs Found at NBI Amid Drug Lord Accusations


In a grisly turn of events that captured national attention, officials from the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation have been left to ponder a chilling message after a sack of severed human appendages was found outside their Bacolod headquarters last Friday. The unsettling find, comprising a severed left hand, left foot, and a pair of ears, lay beneath an NBI vehicle, discovered early in the morning around 5:45 a.m. on March 1st.

Deepening the macabre scene was the inclusion of a paper H&M bag within the sack, carrying a grave handwritten accusation that labeled William De Arca, an NBI operative, as the protector of alleged drug lord Hanz Lopez—a figure about whom the NBI maintains ignorance.

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NBI-Bacolod Director Renoir Baldovino has raised the possibility that the body parts could have been pilfered from a mortuary, noting their peculiar lack of blood and a cold temperature indicating refrigeration. The provenance of the limbs, whether they belonged to one individual or several, remains unknown as NBI forensic examinations are underway.

William De Arca, implicated by the note yet vehemently defended by Baldovino as uninvolved in drug operations, is notable for his leading role in the NBI’s clampdown on illegal gambling outfits. This crackdown has raised tensions and high stakes in the underground betting scene, an arena where retribution and threats have become tools for protection or attack. It’s surmised that this grotesque delivery might be an attempt to smear De Arca’s reputation or divert the NBI’s investigative efforts.

This incident punctuates Bacolod’s recent history of morbid discoveries; since the start of the year, this is the third occasion body parts have been disposed of in a public setting. Amidst this backdrop, the NBI has had to bolster its headquarters’ security and increase protective measures for De Arca.

As the Philippines tightens its grip on unlawful gambling, the crackdown on the e-sabong market, formerly regulated under ex-President Duterte, has seen heightened activity since numerous vanishings rocked the industry. These harsh realities reflect a persistent battle against deep-seated illegal gambling networks that challenge authorities.

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