Severe Dog Attack in Northumbria Prompts Swift Police Intervention


Late in the evening, just shy of 19:00, Northumbria Police received a call reporting a severe dog attack that had taken place outside a residence on Maple Terrace. A man, now recognised to be in his 50s, was reported to have suffered serious injuries at the jaws of a canine.

An immediate response to the incident included officers who arrived at Maple Terrace, Shiney Row promptly. The law enforcement members set out to control and neutralize the threat, and in doing so, the offending animal was destroyed on location, ensuring a swift end to any possible danger. Assuring local residents, Northumbria Police declared that there was no lingering danger to the public.

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In the follow-up process, a second dog was found at the location. Although not directly culpable, the dog was securely seized as a standard precautionary measure, minimizing any further possible risk. The police made a courteous appeal to the public to avoid indulging in speculative assumptions of the situation online.

Details pertaining to breeds of the dogs have not been revealed thus far. Likewise, a 44-year-old man, who was taken into custody post the incident, still remains behind bars at this juncture.

On-scene medical assistance was provided by North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) who arrived on the location shortly after 19:00. Equipped with two double-crew ambulances, a specialist paramedic, and a clinical team leader, the team whisked the injured man to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle. The extent of the victim’s injuries has yet to be disclosed.

Acknowledging the community’s role in these situations, the police encourage anyone with information linked to this incident to come forward. Direct dialogues with an on-duty officer are being facilitated, and a ‘Tell Us Something’ portal on the Northumbria Police website is readily available. For telephonic communications, a reference number is issued for more accurate and efficient queries.

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