SevenX Ventures Invests in UXLINK, the Rising Star in Web3-driven Social Platforms


When we sat down to chat with Yinghao from SevenX Ventures, the discussion revolved around an exciting new investment, UXLINK—a global leader in Web3-driven group building and social platforms. Throughout the conversation, Yinghao provided valuable insights that shone a light on UXLINK’s potential, underlining the reasons why SevenX Ventures believes that its investment is in line with the fundamental principles of Web3.

Collaboratively, Yinghao shared that SevenX Ventures could not be more excited about their investment in UXLINK, a platform that strikes a deft balance at the tricky intersection of fundamental social principles and core Web3 concepts. Built on first principles of social interaction, UXLINK has demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs and hurdles of Web3 users and projects. This innate understanding has enabled the platform to tap into network effects, brewing a potent mix of the intrinsic incentives and wealth effects of Web3.

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While UXLINK takes a position as a rapidly growing network, it’s not just their swift growth that sets them apart—it is also their remarkable ability to accumulate high-quality users and establish potent monetization strategies. Yinghao took note of UXLINK’s core principles—openness, modularity, and convenience—that have fostered a user-friendly development environment. This nurturing space invites developers and encourages strong ties between projects and their user bases—effectively deepening network connections and expanding network boundaries.

From the backend, UXLINK’s innovative ‘Link To Earn’ mechanism and disruptive ‘Web3-enabled groups’ stand as a truly groundbreaking move in user connectivity and organizational structure. Yinghao underscored the platform’s creation of a novel protocol and data layer that provides immense value to Web3 developers. The numbers speak for themselves—UXLINK has an impressive user base of over 5.7 million registered users, over 100,000 groups, and daily active users exceeding a million on Dapps and 300,000 on-chain. As Yinghao articulated, these figures are a testament to the platform’s vibrant community and expanding reach.

Diving into the narrative behind UXLINK’s product ecosystem, Yinghao revealed that the platform aims to lead an integrated social ecosystem. This ecosystem is designed as a channel for Web3 traffic, social trading, and infrastructure. He painted a picture of UXLINK’s product ecosystem, structured in three distinct layers:

At the peak is the Application Layer, comprising UX Discover and Social DEX. These functions empower users and developers alike, allowing for social discovery, participation, and investment within group contexts.

At the heart of the platform is the Protocol Layer. This section houses social protocols based on real-world relationships and grants users true ownership over their social connections and data streams.

In a forward-looking move, a planned Social Liquidity Layer aims to set up a user-centric infrastructure that will tokenize social relationships and data assets. This will facilitate their secure transfer across different public chains and DApps.

UXLINK’s overall approach to socialization revolves around creating genuine social connections and experiences. In doing so, the platform builds trust and fosters relationships that reflect real-life social dynamics. This approach also extends to UXLINK’s asset and finance strategies. According to Yinghao, UXLINK’s emphasis on actively trading existing assets, accommodating different asset types, and facilitating new asset issuance and circulation has been transformational. The platform ensures that users are directly reaping the benefits of their contributions, promoting a sustainable and engaging environment.

As for the team behind UXLINK, Yinghao applauded their configuration—an S-tier founder leading an S-tier team—with entrepreneurial experience rich in product research, development, fundraising, and growth strategies. This team, Yinghao added, is wholly committed to first principles, focusing on actual user needs while effectively incorporating Web3 concepts.

Yinghao unwaveringly asserted UXLINK’s potential as a dominant figure in the Web3 space. Based on the platform’s approach to balancing decentralization with user-friendly incentives, Yinghao sees UXLINK as a promising bridge between purist and pragmatist developers—an entity instrumental in developing sustainable, widely adopted applications.

In short, Yinghao’s insights deftly tease out UXLINK’s thoughtful blend of idealism and practicality in Web3. This delicate balance offers developers and users alike tangible value, leading SevenX Ventures to invest confidently, seeing UXLINK as a potential key hub linking Web3 infrastructure and application scenarios.