Seven-Year-Old Briton Climbs Greece’s Mt. Olympus for Charity


At just seven years of age, Frankie McMillan’s accomplishment is being met with awe and admiration as he is assumed to be the youngest Briton to ascend the steps of Greece’s Mount Olympus. This young adventurer hails from West Cumbria and, accompanied by his mother Basia, traversed the colossal 9,573ft (2,918m) elevation during a three-day challenge.

Frankie’s triumph is not just personal, but also philanthropic. He has so far managed to gather £2,300 for Wasdale Mountain Rescue. His mother shared the disbelief of others who watched as Frankie, this small, intrepid “little man”, as she fondly calls him, successfully reached the summit, an unusual achievement for one so young.

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Frankie’s nascent mountaineering passion found its roots when he was just three. Guided by his mother, a seasoned mountain leader herself, their earliest expeditions led them to scale Cat Bells, near Keswick. Since then, his enthusiasm took him across the entirety of the 214 Wainwright fells. Young Frankie’s extraordinary experience played a significant role in securing special permission for him to undertake the Mount Olympus climb.

The journey of the mother-son duo started last Friday near their home in Gosforth. After grappling with high temperatures around 30 degrees, they summited on Saturday and touched base again by Sunday. This feat was recognised by the Hellenic Mountain Guides Association, who believe Frankie might indeed be the youngest Briton to conquer the mountain.

While the intense heat posed a considerable challenge, necessitating excess hydration, they “did it”, says Basia, Frankie’s mother. The outgoing youngster was equally euphoric, finding the scramble preceding the top to be the most enjoyable part of his venture.

Overwhelmed with their accomplishment, Frankie’s mother confesses they are still coming to terms with it. At the summit, only three or four onlookers bore witness to Frankie’s momentous achievement. Despite the crowd’s astonishment seeing young Frankie mount the peak, his mother’s overwhelming pride stood out.

As Frankie now holds his adventures at bay temporarily to return to school, he already has his sights set on other formidable peaks. He dreams of a Peruvian challenge during the October half term. His mother reveals that Frankie, showing no signs of slowing down, aspires to conquer Mount Everest one day, standing at a formidable 29,000ft (8,800m) in height.

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