Serious Injury Halts Polar Express Ride at Canadian National Exhibition


Recently surfaced video footage depicts the harrowing scene of paramedics rushing to aid a gravely injured man at the Canadian National Exhibition’s Polar Express ride. The footage, obtained by CP24, shows one paramedic appearing to stabilize the man’s neck as he lies supine beside the seemingly innocuous ride.

An official statement from the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) and the ride operator, North American Midway Entertainment (NAME), confirmed on Tuesday that the Polar Express ride would be temporarily closed for an investigation into the much-anticipated event’s unfortunate incident.

Toronto’s police department reported that one individual was transported to a nearby hospital following an injury that took place on the ride approximately 9:25 p.m. The Toronto Paramedic Services has accounted for the injury as serious, although thankfully, not life-threatening.

Post-incident, the ride was immediately cordoned off with police tape to keep onlooker’s at a respectful distance. Police officers were visibly stationed on-site to secure the scene, which was located centrally in the densely populated Midway area.

Toronto Police Services has since relinquished jurisdiction of the incident to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Further updates are yet to be released, with North American Midway Entertainment and the CNE holding an optimistic outlook for a positive resolution.

Despite Monday night’s incident, the CNE grounds teemed with excited attendees seeking out fun-filled rides, engaging games, and invigorating performances. Among the night’s highlights was a performance by the iconic 80s band, The Seagulls.

The exhibition, which is in the last week of its summer run, is due to entertain visitors until Labour Day, Sept. 4. The Polar Express’s unexpected closure, however, casts a shadow over the otherwise festive event.


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