Serious E-Bike Crash in Waterloo Sends Teen Cyclist to Hospital by Helicopter


In a serious collision taking place recently in the region of Waterloo, a cyclist has reportedly been transported to a medical facility via helicopter, as conveyed by local law enforcement representatives. The incident involved a BMW and an e-bike that came to a calamitous meeting at the crossroads of King Street and Hickory Street, approximately at 11:40 a.m. on Tuesday.

The individual operating the e-bike, an 18-year-old, endured grave albeit not life-imperiling injuries as an outcome of the unfortunate encounter. Police detailed that the young man was subsequently whisked away to a hospital situated outside the local vicinity with the aid of an air ambulance.

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In contrast, the driver of the BMW, also an 18-year-old male, emerged from the incident unscathed. The intersection, having been temporarily inaccessible as a result of the incident, is now in normal operation.

Authorities also communicated that potential charges related to the accident are under consideration.