Sentence Does Not Fit Crime: Family Of Slain Burnaby Woman


The last few holidays have been tough on Nicole Porciello’s family. Family member Carmine Porciello says they will never get used to her absence.

Nicole Porciello, also Nicole Hasselmann, passed away in 2018 after being thrown off a moving vehicle on Barnet Highway, Burnaby.

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Based on the agreed statement of facts, the SUV she was in was crushed on purpose by Jan Poepl, her on and off boyfriend, for several years now.

In the two hours leading to the car crash, the boyfriend stabbed Porciello at least 47 times with two different knives while she was seated on the passenger’s side.

She was aged 34 and had a 10-year-old son. She worked at Templeton Secondary School as a special education assistant.

Her sister remembers her as a person full of optimism, which the family is in short supply of. Last February, the boyfriend, who pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree murder, will be sentenced on the 13th of April. His will be an automatic sentence, although his eligibility for parole will be decided by the court.

The defense went for a 10-year sentence before he is eligible for parole, while the crown asked for 15 years. For her family, neither punishment is fitting.

Carmine Porciello said that she does not think there’s a number that would be enough, but if the maximum is 25, that would be a fair number in this case.

Given the boyfriend’s many years of abusive behavior towards the late Nicole, Cousin Gina Iuliano thinks the charge should have been first-degree murder, which would mean no parole and a 25-year sentence.

In the days leading up to his sentencing, family and friends set up a social media campaign to highlight the gaps Nicole has left behind and to ask the public if the punishment is fitting.

After inflicting multiple stab wounds, he went ahead to make various purchases rather than call the police. He even used his phone camera to capture footage of them both.

In the meantime, the cousin is asking the public to circulate the post further to draw attention to the case and domestic violence.