Sensing Murder Host Cancels Shows Amid Rival Medium’s Restrictive Rules


Renowned host of the show “Sensing Murder”, Kelvin Cruickshank, has expressed deep dismay at being compelled to cancel several South Island presentations due to what he alleges to be a restrictive regulation imposed by a fellow spiritual medium. He claims that a rival in the field has been persuading venues to implement prohibitions on any performances staged within a six-week period either preceding or following their own.

Through a video message shared on Facebook, an evidently downcast Cruickshank revealed the unfortunate necessity for calling off imminent shows in locales including Blenheim, Nelson, Westport, Motueka, Hokitika, and Greymouth. Further shows scheduled for Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Fielding, Lower Hutt, and Masterton are now being rearranged.

In the video, Cruickshank asserted, “A fellow medium has compelled venues to initiate contracts that prevent other mediums from utilizing the venue either six weeks prior or post their own performances.” He found particular difficulty in visiting smaller towns with limited venue options, which naturally hindered his ability to engage with local audiences.

Cruickshank did not directly mention the identity of the conflicting medium; however, ex-colleague from “Sensing Murder” and fellow psychic Sue Nicholson has posted on Facebook a defense that alludes to the mentioned ‘venue issues in Greymouth.’ Her message, drafted by her manager, suggested a desire to clarify supposed misconceptions without getting entangled in what they termed a ‘petty situation.’

They divulged that the restriction affected merely Grenymouth, and refuted the opposing medium’s assertion of Nicholson’s show being sold out in the town. The manager further clarified that the rival medium had scheduled a show in the town only three days prior to the report and should not feel compelled to cancel shows in other towns that Nicholson was not intending to visit or towns where both mediums utilize different venues.

They insisted that they have received contact from several other venues with the similar six-week demarcation in place and that Nicholson’s shows have reached capacity in those locations. They also confirmed their agreement to allow the rival medium to maintain bookings within that time frame if the medium decided to go ahead with it, citing their belief that several shows in North Island towns proceeded as planned.

Both Nicholson and Cruickshank have corresponding shows scheduled for September at Greymouth’s Regent Theatre, with Nicholson’s slated for September 6 and Cruickshank’s set three weeks after on the 27th.

In a post towards the tail-end of July, Cruickshank informed his followers that his team was meticulously planning shows for the rest of 2023, sharing dates for September without further commentary. The Greymouth Regent Theatre, meanwhile, declines to offer any statement on these unfolding events.


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