The Village of Senneville adopts By-Law relating to the establishment of a financial assistance program for the replacement of a tree. The introduction of this By-law aims to reduce the impacts due to the felling of trees and to maintain the impressive canopy coverage throughout Senneville.

Financial assistance is granted in consideration of work to replace a tree located on private property following a felling.

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Eligibility conditions according to BY-LAW NUMBER 485
For the entire territory, the eligibility conditions for financial assistance are as follows:

  1. The owner must obtain a certificate of authorization for tree felling from the Village of Senneville.
  • Tree felling is authorized in the following cases:

    • The tree is dead and in a state of irreversible decline;

    • The tree must be felled because of the risk of spreading disease or being a exotic invasive species;

    • The tree must be felled due to an irreversible condition caused by disease, a structural deficiency affecting its strength or serious damage it causes to property.
    Allergies, aesthetics, fruits, flowers, and leaves are not valid reasons for cutting down a tree and therefore receiving financial assistance for the replacement of the tree.

    1. Any felled tree must be replaced by one of the native species included in the list of recommended trees contained in the “Directory of trees recommended for planting within the Ecoterritory of the Senneville Forest” which can be viewed on the municipal web site.
  1. The felling work must be carried out by an arboricultural services company in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations applicable to the felling of a tree.


The owner must obtain a certificate of authorization for tree felling from the Village of Senneville prior to the execution of the felling work.

According to Chapter V of By-Law 485, the amount of financial assistance authorized for the replacement work is equal to the cost paid to obtain a certificate of authorization for tree felling.