Senior Struck and Dragged in Pierrefonds Hit-and-Run


By Daniele Iannarone

An elderly woman was the unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run collision last week in Pierrefonds, and witnesses and police are calling on the public to help identify the driver of the vehicle, who is yet unknown.

Last Thursday, January 31st, at around 3:25 PM, a woman was run over by a white covered pickup truck, and then dragged about half a kilometre before ending up on the ground in the street, according to witness Sharon Cain.  The incident occurred near the exit of the Plaza Pierrefonds parking lot.

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Cain recounts her experience witnessing the collision.  She says that she saw a lady who had fallen down near the exit of the parking lot, and a white truck approaching her.  “She fell, and I saw her on the ground,” said Cain.  “I saw the vehicle going toward her.  He stopped and started driving again.”

When Cain and her son ran to the spot where the woman had fallen, they fell as well, and said that the lady’s fall was likely caused by a patch of ice.  Her husband ran after the driver of the vehicle, but the driver had kept driving and remains unidentified.  Cain, who has some nursing training, recalls kneeling alongside the woman and waiting with her for the ambulance to show up.

The victim, identified as Ms. Yolande Jakobi, is described as “very active in the community and an amazing woman,” by Kim Lavoie, a close family friend of hers.  She is said to have suffered 11 bone fractures/breaks.  Jakobi underwent surgery Monday.  Her condition is reportedly stable, and she remains positive and in good spirits.

Cain visited Jakobi in the hospital this past weekend and hopes she can make a full recovery.  “Knowing her age, she was on my mind,” said Cain.  “I’m asking how she’s going to be after the recovery period.  Is she ever going to be able to live like she did before?”

While the driver of the vehicle remains unidentified, there has been a strong push on social media asking for help identifying the vehicle and the driver.  Cain shared her experience witnessing the incident on Facebook shortly after it happened, and it has since been shared hundreds of times.  Cain believes that the driver may have been aware of having hit Jakobi, but drove off regardless.

Witnesses or people having any information about the incident are asked to contact police by communicating with the info-crime line.