Senator Fetterman Hospitalized After High Speed Interstate Collision


In the hushed early morning hours of a serene Sunday, a thunderous clash of metallic chaos echoed within the confines of the usually tranquil Interstate 70 in Maryland. Pennsylvania’s distinguished Senator, John Fetterman, along with his wife, Gisele, were caught up in the commotion following a collision, allegedly originated from Fetterman’s vehicle streaking across the interstate at a breakneck pace, well beyond the sanctioned speed limit, before brutally ramming into another car.

A sobering gavel of judgment was swiftly passed by the Maryland State Police. Their report painted a clear portrait of events, pinpointing culpability onto Fetterman without mincing words. The force of impact led to the subsequent removal of both damaged vehicles off the scene, aided by towing services, immediately following the unsettling event.

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As the morning sun washed over the scene, Fetterman, Gisele, and the 62-year-old female driver of the other unfortunate vehicle involved were all promptly whisked away to the hospital. Their injuries, while luckily on the mild side, required immediate medical attention. Amid initial concerns, Fetterman’s office managed to provide a timely update, stating that he had been treated for a bruised shoulder, and dismissed from the hospital’s care within a few hours of his arrival.

It is worth noting, that earlier this year, Fetterman garnered judicial admonishment in his home state for throttling his vehicle beyond the speed limit by a substantial 34 mph. An account corroborated by court records, a citation was lodged against the Democratic senator, to which he entered a plea of guilty.

The recklessness of Sunday’s incident was made particularly alarming by an eyewitness account, stating that Fetterman was operating his vehicle at a “high rate of speed, well over the posted speed limit”. While the permissible speed on the I-70 is already a considerable 70 mph, Fetterman evidently chose to throw caution to the wind.

However, it should also be underscored that, no evidence currently points towards any substance abuse or distraction on part of the senator. Sequel to this event, Fetterman safely returned to his home nestled in Braddock, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife, Gisele made a public declaration of the collision, extending gratitude towards well-wishers, albeit in an unintentionally somber celebration of their 16th wedding anniversary.

Life hasn’t been a smooth road for Fetterman. The 54-year-old senator previously suffered a stroke in May 2022, while on the campaign trail. His recovery is still ongoing with noticeable struggles in his speech and cognitive processing. To cope, the senator can often be seen using devices to transcribe spoken words during congressional hearings and routine conversations.