Seminal Allegations Against Cyberstalker of ABC Host Dropped, One Charge Remains


The proceedings at Sydney Downing Centre Local Court took an unexpected turn on Tuesday when multiple severe allegations lodged against Michael Steven Davis, accused of issuing intimidations to ex-ABC presenter Stan Grant and his family, were unexpectedly withdrawn.

The scrutiny focused on the controversial figure of Davis, who, despite the dismissal of three counts of misusing a carriage service for harassment or offense, is not entirely free from the grip of the law yet. The 41-year-old remains under the shadow of a remaining charge of using a carriage service to issue a substantial threat – a charge he’s expected to respond to later this month when the court reconvenes.

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The dismissed allegations centered around Davis’ Twitter account under the name RefuseResistAIS. He was accused of exploiting the platform to terrorize Grant and his family during a critical 48 hours between May 22-23.

While these charges were dropped, the authorities continue to press allegations concerning Davis’ Facebook activity. Specifically, they point to a post released via the Fixxhalo82 handle, which contained content threatening severe physical harm to the former ABC host.

Stan Grant, a respected figure in the broadcasting world, renowned for his host role on ABC’s Q+A, stepped away from his position in May. His leave was underscored by disheartening revelations of relentless racial abuse and criticisms of the network’s institutional deficiencies.

Following his departure, Grant reportedly experienced the brunt of Davis’s online threats. These incidents were promptly reported to the police on May 24, culminating in Davis’s arrest later that day.

Self-proclaimed as a “right-wing Christian conservative”, Davis, a resident of Fairfield Heights, identifies as “a man from 1990 where your pronouns don’t exist”. As it currently stands, under the provisions of an apprehended violence order, Davis is statutorily forbidden from making any contact with Mr Grant, with the terms of this mandate set for judicial review on October 31.

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