Security Guard Cleared in Controversial Saskatoon Grocery Store Altercation


Following an altercation outside a Saskatoon grocery store, a security guard named Cameron McMillan found himself in the throes of public scrutiny and litigation. The part he played in a tumultuous incident on April 14, 2021, led to his dismissal from work and the revocation of his security license after the occurrence was captured on video and disseminated through social media platforms.

McMillan’s encounter with Annette Custer outside FreshCo on 33rd Street turned violent and, once it reached cyberspace, it generated a wave of heated commentary. The disparaging remarks, from netizens to local leaders, painted McMillan in the worst of light. He was branded as racist, violent, criminal, and even accused of committing sexual assault, as was expressed in his victim impact statement.

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Custer later faced charges of assault and theft in June, to which she confessed to visiting FreshCo with the intention of shoplifting food items. The fallout from the video’s circulations was also reflected in the sentiments expressed by Mayor Charlie Clark on his Facebook account, stating that witnessing the video stirred feelings of anger, and such violent acts needed to halt.

However, Judge Doug Agnew ruled McMillan’s actions were within the boundaries of his duties, legally executing a citizen’s arrest on Custer and employing reasonable force to hold her till law enforcement arrived on the scene. Mayor Clark acknowledged these comments with an intent to ponder over them.

The sight of Custer in the limelight of a press conference following the arrest seemed surreal to McMillan, who heard promises of his ruin for felonies he did not commit—the crimes he knew Custer was aware that he never perpetrated.

Adding fuel to an already inflamed situation was the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief, Bobby Cameron, asserting during an April 20, 2021 press conference that Custer was subjected to unjust, violent, and inhumane treatment. Cameron vociferously demanded that formal criminal charges be made against McMillan.

As the dust of the incident and trial continues to settle, the narrative persists in being intricate. Custer’s sentencing hearing is set to resume shortly, while the echoes of the altercation and its consequent ordeal endure in the lives of the chief characters involved.