Secrets of Successful Descriptive Writing about Pets



Why is writing about pets even the part of the educational program? Isn’t it a little bit… lame? Well, no. According to the data shared by Insurance Information Institute more than 85 million families in the U.S. own one pet or more, which constitutes almost 70% of the overall number of households. Pet-related industry is growing every decade, it is not jeopardized even by serious economic crises, as many people accept the fact that they would first of all cut expenses related to them personally, instead of cutting expenses related to their pets. We don’t want to argue whether those people are fully sane, because, statistically, almost 70% of our readers have a pet at home, and we don’t want to be in any sort of slash with our audience. 


However, these numbers are a good answer to those who argue whether the topics related to pets should be widely discussed. More of it, these numbers prove that writing about pets should take its legit place in high-school, college or even university syllabus. And it does. So, the only question that remains unsolved is how to write a successful descriptive essay about pets? If you’ve recently received a paper like that, this article, provided by our partner, a professional essay writing company will come in handy. 

Use a voice recorder

That was unexpected, ha? Of course, we know that first you need to write a plan for your essay, but let’s face it, no one really does it. However, many people, especially people with little writing experience, have a fear of a blank sheet. You look at your word editor and just can’t write a thing. All the words seem stupid, all the ideas fade away, and in several minutes you find yourself scrolling trends in social media. Yes, it is hard to focus, and the brain quits. That happens to everyone. There is a trick which we offer to every student, especially when it comes to the topic that doesn’t require much research. Use a voice recorder and imagine that you are telling about the issue to your friend. Or that you are being interviewed as a celebrity. You are a celebrity, and you are asked about your pet. What will you say? Just keep talking! 


Why is voice recording so helpful? First, it eliminated the fear of a blank sheet. Second, it gives your mind freedom from any editing. When you start typing, you see that sentences are not very interesting, or you see mistakes, you write and at the same time think of synonyms to the words you’ve used in the previous abstract. It makes your brain tired, creativity fades, you cannot focus on substance, thinking about style. When you are talking, you freely express yourself, and later you listen to the recording and put audio into text.

Get to the description 

  • Come up with a unique characteristic for your pet. If it doesn’t have any, just turn on your fantasy mode. No one wants to read something like “my dog is brown and lively” just from the first sentence of your essay. Start with something that will catch attention. For example: “My cat is like a cosmonaut, every morning she makes her first step at the kitchen, she mews as the whole world should witness it.” You can definitely come up with a better line, it is just an example. 
  • Add humor. Of course, an essay is not a stand-up comedy, but it is not prohibited to add some humor to it, especially when it comes to pets. One of the reasons why people actually like pets and have pets is that they are really funny. So why should their description be dull? For example:  “If my dog had a TikT channel, it would be more popular than Trump’s Twitter.” Just don’t overdo it, please. 
  • Don’t be tragic. We are truly sorry if something bad has happened to your pet. It is very sad. However, you should not be too melodramatic in your essay. It is a descriptive essay, not a therapeutic piece.
  • Describe character as well as the looks. Reading about character, be it a character of a person or a pet, is much more interesting than reading about appearances. So, focus on it. Also, it is a good idea to draw some parallels. For example, you can show how your pets’ character is similar to the characters of your family members. 
  • Focus on the pet’s influence on you and your family. Writing about values takes your essay on a completely different level. You can show how you’ve learnt to be a more responsible person, how pets tend to defuse tension in families, etc. You can google some stories about pets to catch the overall idea. 

Check it before your send it

Well, once you are done writing, you think that the whole job is done. We advise you to revise this strategy. It is important that you proofread your paper several times before sending it to your professor. Read an essay aloud to find long sentences and cut them. Use proofreading services to find technical omissions and grammar errors. There are advanced checkers which even can help you with style. If you have such an opportunity, let your paper lie aside for several hours or even overnight. When you read it with “fresh eyes,” you will see some new mistakes. 


Writing about pets can be fun, but only if you don’t leave it to the last moment. Writing in a hurry is irritating and mostly results in worse grades than you could have received in better conditions. That is why we give you our last and the most boring advice — plan your essay writing in advance. It helps to reduce stress and increase your grades without extra creative efforts. 



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