Secret Benefactor Saves Beloved Chartier from Closure; Promises Culinary Revival


Synonymous with delectable French-Canadian cuisine, Chartier in Beaumont has been saved from closure by the magnanimous act of an anonymous benefactor.

This beloved gastronomic establishment revealed the relieving news via social media on a crisp Monday morning, generating a wave of joy and relief among its steadfast patrons and food connoisseurs across the region.

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In the fading days of summer, Chartier had publicly shared its impending departure from the industry, stating its closure by the end of the following month. The primary culprits, they lamented, were the financial devastations caused by the pandemic and the painfully escalating food costs.

From the announcement of the closure to the eventual viral spread of the news, Chartier experienced a dining rush. The reservation book flourished with eager names, leaving the owners with no option but to bolster their staff to cater to the increased demand.

However, amid the heat of the kitchen and the promise of satiating meals, strolled in an unexpected savior.

Determined to preserve the revered culinary haven of Alberta, this investor, a silent community crusader from Beaumont who prefers to work behind the scenes, injected a healthy sum into Chartier’s finances. This aided the restaurant immensely, ensuring its future role in delighting the taste buds of Alberta families, as revealed in Chartier’s Monday missive.

The inspiring act of kindness and faith was not only a timely business boost; it was an unforgettable demonstration of community strength and solidarity – a testament to the collective power of Beaumont.

Chartier owners revealed upcoming plans to take a temporary break. Between September 30th and the end of October, the restaurant will be wrapped in silence, allowing staff a well-deserved respite and an opportunity for profound cleaning of the premises. The highly anticipated reopening promises a menu revamped by precious customer feedback.

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