Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Tests Positive for COVID-19 Again; VP Harris Tests Negative


In a revealing twist of events amidst the continuing pandemic, the office of the Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, reported that he has once again yielded a positive result for the COVID-19 virus. This announcement, coming out of the nation’s capital, was precipitated by Emhoff experiencing a smattering of mild symptoms synonymous with the familiar virus.

Interestingly, Emhoff’s spouse, none other than Vice President Kamala Harris, retains a clean bills of health in this episode. Following a precautionary test, her results came back negative, and she remains untethered by symptoms of the virus.

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A spokesperson for Emhoff, known as Liza Acevedo, navigated the narrative with finesse. She highlighted that despite his positive results, the Second Gentleman is far from incapacitated by the virus. According to her, Emhoff, who has been fully vaccinated and received three booster shots, remains in good spirits and is even able to carry on his duties remotely.

Although Emhoff is asymptomatic at this juncture, he is exercising an admirable level of prudence. As a testament to his commitment to public health and safety, Emhoff is presently sequestering himself away from others within his residence.

Moreover, Acevedo brought everyone’s attention that Vice President Harris underwent a COVID-19 test on Saturday. It was out of nothing more than thorough preparedness that she undertook the test. So, while Harris’s result came back negative – a comforting confirmation of her health – she is already scheduled to advocate for President Joe Biden’s re-election in Las Vegas on the coming Tuesday.

This recent occurrence is not Emhoff’s initiation to a COVID-19 diagnosis. He was previously found positive in March 2022, and the following month saw his wife, Vice President Harris, also testing positive for the virus. It appears the virus has made repeated visits to the high echelons of American leadership. President Joe Biden, in fact, had tested positive twice – once in July of 2022 and again just over three days post being given the all-clear to depart from his coronavirus isolation. These repeated incidences underscore an unusual case of ‘rebound’ that followed President Biden’s treatment with an anti-viral drug.

In conclusion, a responsibility transcends the officeholders, that of holding fast to cautionary measures against the virulent virus. As the pandemic persists with changing gears, this responsibility multiplies with its commitment towards the protection of the public’s health and wellbeing.