Second Doses of COVID-19 Vaccines Coming Earlier than Expected in Quebec


All Quebecers will have the opportunity to advance the date for their COVID-19 second dose, regardless of the type of their first dose when their turn finally comes.

Quebecers aged 50 and above will be eligible to book for their second appointment on the Clic Sante website portal, as long as eight weeks have passed since their first vaccine.

Initially, only those who had received Pfizer’s first shot were eligible for the second dose, but now, it has extended to those who received Moderna and AstraZeneca.

The age limit in the appointment making will be lowered by five years each day this week through Friday. That means, by the end of the week, people aged 45 and above will be eligible for their second dose.

However, choosing an earlier date for the second dose remains optional, and still, people can keep their original appointment date. Those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine as the first dose, can choose Moderna, Pfizer, or still retake AstraZeneca.

Those experiencing difficulties booking their second dose online are requested to try again in the next few days as the province tries to address the issues on the portal.

Health Minister Christian Dube urge Quebecers to get vaccinated. Dube added that three-quarters of the new cases of infection reported were from unvaccinated people.

Dube encouraged Quebecers to take advantage of the vaccines, and avoid a possible fourth wave after summer. So far, Quebec has vaccinated 70 percent of its residents with one dose. The vaccination rate stands at around 91, 000.


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