Second Dangerous Suspect Arrested in Moose Jaw Home Invasion Saga


In the quiet town of Moose Jaw, the tranquil peace was shattered following a home invasion marred by violence, culminating in the arrest of a second suspect linked to the incident. A man, in the heart of his prime at 29, was taken into custody by the vigilant Moose Jaw police force. This individual had formerly been marked with the dangerous distinction of being ‘armed and dangerous’ prior to his arrest, which unfolded on a calm Sunday at a residence on the city’s eastern side.

In line with their dedication to public safety, the local police ensured an incident-free apprehension. With the charge of this grave transgression now hanging over him, the suspect awaits his appearance in the provincial court slated for September 18th.

This sinister saga first began on September 13th, when law enforcement was notified of a home invasion just as night cloaked the sky near 8 p.m. On arrival at a residence nestled in the 1200 block of Irving Avenue, officers were met with the distressing sight of an injured man. As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that the home had been forcefully entered by two men wielding instruments of violence, a knife, and a shotgun.

The brutality inflicted on the victim included a gunshot to the head and multiple stabbings all over his body. Despite the severity of his injuries, he survived and was rapidly taken to the nearest hospital for immediate medical attention, his injuries considered non-life-threatening.

Swiftly responding to the incident, local law enforcement managed to apprehend the first suspect not long after the violent incident initially occurred. The man, aged 28, now faces a raft of charges, comprising breaking and entering, attempted murder, and a slew of firearms-related offenses. Charges of attempted murder and breaking and entering await the second suspect as well.

A disconcerting discovery on-site was the presence of one kilogram of the potent opioid, fentanyl. A sizable sum of money, $6,700 in Canadian currency, was also found, adding another twist to this already jarring breach of the peace in Moose Jaw.


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