Second Consecutive Night Protest against 8 P.m. Curfew in Montreal


On Monday night, a protester in Montreal again protested against the 8 p.m. curfew. A crowd of about 100 people spread on Ste-Catherine St., Drummond, and Maisonneuve. A few minutes after the curfew took effect, police were still asking protesters to disperse.

By 9:45 p.m., most of the protesters had dispersed, but police were still be seen handing out tickets. An SPVM spokesperson said that it is not yet clear how many fines were handed out.

On Sunday night, a similar incident happens where the police handed over a hundred tickets. The protest turned violent with several storefronts being smashed and with several fires being lit.

Few hours before the protest, STM diverted bus routes which included routes 14, 30, 35, 61, and 129. The services on route 715 were canceled.


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