Scott Morrison Explores Cancel Culture, Identity Politics in Upcoming Religious Memoir


Scott Morrison is set to address his perspectives on the prevailing “cancel culture” and “identity politics” in a religious memoir slated for publication in mid-2024.

Entitled ‘Plans for Your Good – A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness’, the former premier’s forthcoming 288-page volume promises more spiritual guidance than political discourse.

Last year, Harpercollins Christian Publishing in the US inked a book agreement with Mr. Morrison, a fact disclosed when he secretly updated his register of member interests to include his royalties advance.

According to HarperCollins, Morrison’s memoir will offer an in-depth account of high-stakes politics in an era marked by the rise of new media, a growing focus on culture and identity politics, and the sweeping secularisation of numerous western societies. This, they say, has led to an unprecedented shift toward a decidedly post-Christian west. Drawing from his own experience, Morrison hails God’s enduring love and blessings.

The publishing imprint bills the memoir as offering rich insights into handling critical global concerns. It will also feature Mr. Morrison’s thoughtful and candid answers to questions of faith, in an effort to aid readers in deepening their bond with god.

Addressing existential enquiries including, “Who am I?” and “How do I live?” Morrison aims to unravel how individuals can perceive and receive God’s blessings in their own lives, regardless of their personal situations.

The manuscript unfolds the narrative of God’s unwavering faithfulness, as Morrison recounts his journey through one of the most extreme episodes since the Second World War–a stretch marked by drought, wild fires, a global health crisis and economic downturn.

Mr. Morrison’s overt expressions of his faith in public life has raised numerous eyebrows in recent times. Most noticeably, his assertion–made during his 2019 election victory speech–of maintaining an unwavering belief in miracles.


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