Scarborough Tragedy: Minor Killed, Another Injured in Stabbing Incident


A tragic incident unfolded on a Tuesday evening in Scarborough when a minor lost his life and another was injured following a stabbing, as reported by the Toronto police. The officers responded to a vaguely defined “unknown trouble” call that was dispatched from an apartment located at the cross section of Dundalk Drive and Antrim Crescent, shortly after dusk, around 6:30 pm.

On their arrival, the paramedics confirmed that they conducted evaluations on three individuals at the site. Among these was a minor, who despite their best efforts, was declared dead from the gruesomely inflicted wounds.

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Subsequently, another boy was rushed to the hospital sporting non-life-threatening injuries. The third individual also went through an assessment, but it is yet to be revealed whether they had been admitted to the hospital subsequently.

Toronto Police Service’s homicide unit is methodically piecing together the elements of the case, their reluctance to disclose further details suggestive of the intricate nature of the investigation. The persistent air of mystery continues to shroud the incident, with no clarity about the events that led up to this unfortunate incident.

Amy Lei, the building superintendent, supplied a fracture of information. Before the occurrence of the dreadful episode, the mother of the children, a tenant of the eighth floor, had reached out to her in apprehension about her daughter’s safety. Lei tried to assess the situation personally by using a key to enter the unit, but to no avail.

Subsequently, she witnessed a terrifying scene: the woman’s son, approximately 10 years old, perilously hanging off the balcony in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to escape the chaos within the apartment. Lei recollects the dread of the moment, “At that moment, I [saw] something very, very, very terrible, very dangerous, so that’s why I called the police.”