Scaramucci Foresees Bitcoin Boom Amid Biden’s Potential Second Term


SkyBridge Capital’s founder, Anthony Scaramucci, has made a bold prediction – that Bitcoin will soar to unprecedented heights if his favored presidential candidate emerges victorious. Raising his forecast even further, Scaramucci suggests that digital currencies have, in fact, already secured their victory in light of recent developments in the industry.

At the heart of his prediction is a belief that the re-election of President Joe Biden will create fertile ground for Bitcoin investments to flourish. During a recent conversation on Unchained, Scaramucci speculated that a second Biden tenure could fuel Bitcoin’s rise to an all-time high, estimating a possible range of $170,000 – $250,000.

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While Scaramucci openly expressed his support for Biden, he was quick to alleviate concerns of an unfavorable political climate for cryptocurrencies, stating the strides already made in this administration. Moreover, he underscored potential advancements on the horizon, including approval of Spot Ethereum ETFs and a likelihood for more layer-1 ETFs.

The founder of SkyBridge Capital further reasoned that a potential cryptocurrency bill is likely to be considered by Congress during Biden’s term, predicting the President would be willing to sign it into law. Optimistic about Biden’s potential second term, Scaramucci believes it could spell the end for the anti-crypto sentiment, which he believes has been largely driven by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler.

Scaramucci’s support for Biden is intriguing given his history with former President Donald Trump, under whom he served as the White House Director of Communications. Despite Trump’s recent pro-crypto declarations, Scaramucci remains unconvinced of his sincerity. Citing his tendency to adopt stances opportunistically, he isn’t betting on Trump’s unexpected support for the crypto community as genuine.

In his bullish argument, Scaramucci highlighted the recently achieved milestones for crypto, proclaiming its victory over Warren and Gensler, who he described as very Trump-like in their authoritarian and autocratic tendencies. Filled with optimism, Scaramucci also emphasized the crypto industry’s court victories against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), noting that SEC has been not only defeated but also rebuked on multiple occasions.

Moreover, the crypto enthusiast believes the Biden Administration and campaign has recognized the pitfalls of an anti-crypto approach, suggesting that political pressure has been a collateral damage for the SEC. Underscoring the progress made, Scaramucci reaffirmed his belief in the triumph of the crypto industry over forces that were once against it. Devout followers of the cryptocurrency sector will be undoubtedly excited at the bold predictions and confidence espoused by Scaramucci.

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