There will be a peaceful demonstration against the closing of the Port de Plaisance de Lachine at 4:30 pm today, September 14, 2020. Boaters, and residents alike, will be walking from the marina to Lachine City Hall to promote the “Save The Lachine Marina” movement. Elected officials will be voting to terminate the marina’s management services contract this evening at their council meeting at Lachine City Hall. The Marina is currently scheduled to close in the Fall of 2020.

Montréal plans to invest more than $20 million in the future park, which will be redeveloped through 2025. The city has cited the following reasons for this renovation project – outdated facilities, damages caused by the 2017 and 2019 spring floods, and the importance of investing in infrastructure maintenance. Montréal states, “In addition to increasing accessibility of the Lac Saint-Louis for the entire population, this major environmental restoration project is a tangible ecological action that is part of Montréal’s strategies to fight and adapt to climate change.”

In a previous article, Leanna Gelston touched on what this means for boat owners. “…For many long time boat owners and members of the marina, this means they will have to relocate their boats docking space and find somewhere else to go. They claim that they were never consulted nor received any prior notice regarding this transformation project.

‘There’s more demand for docking space than there is space available,’ stated Josée Côté, a representative for the Association des plaisanciers du Port de Plaisance de Lachine.

‘There is a waiting list of 2800 places with Nautisme Québec, so we don’t yet know where we’re supposed to keep our boats.’”

The Association des plaisanciers du Port de Plaisance de Lachine claims that it is more cost-effective to upgrade the infrastructure at the marina rather than build another riverside park. They also state that the closing of the marina could have a detrimental effect on the City of Lachine’s economy and its residents as the port brings in tourists. The goal of their initiative is to work with the city to formulate an “inclusive marina-park project.”

If you decide to participate in this event, please be sure to wear masks and social-distance to help reduce the spread.

What: Peaceful protest

When: Monday, September 14

Location: Meeting place at the Port de Plaisance de Lachine at 4:30 at 1800 Chemin des Iroquois in Lachine

Walk towards Lachine City Hall (1800 St-Joseph) will start around 4:30 PM.

Final meeting place: Lachine City Hall between 5:00-5:30 p.m.



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