Sault Ste. Marie Police Identify Murder Suspect in Taylor Marshall Case


In Sault Ste. Marie, law enforcement have announced the identification of a person of interest in the recent murder of Taylor Marshall, a 22-year-old woman. The authorities, however, have chosen not to disclose any specifics surrounding the suspected individual.

Taylor Marshall’s lifeless body was discovered on September 7th, around 5 p.m. within an apartment located on the junction of John and Cathcart streets. The young woman had suffered considerable injuries, as confirmed by the police department.

Police officers from Sault have decided to withhold the identity of their murder suspect due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the continued collection of key evidence. They emphasized their commitment to not merely finalizing an arrest but also securing a conviction that does right by the deceased party and maintains justice in the community. While no arrests have currently been made, officials believe there is no imminent public risk posed by the suspect.

As the homicide investigation progresses, Sault’s residents have been requested to aid in the effort. Police have encouraged individuals to inspect their own properties, garbage bins, and yards for any irregularities and to promptly report any unusual discoveries.

Local law enforcement units executed a comprehensive search of the crime scene vicinity. However, they still maintain that the community’s assistance can substantially contribute to the ongoing investigation. They reiterated that every detail surrounding this crime remains under active scrutiny as the detectives advance towards making an arrest.

What was initially treated by Sault police as a suspicious death at a residential property on John Street in Sault Ste. Marie has since been reclassified as a criminal murder investigation. The official cause of death, however, remains unconfirmed at present.

On the same day that Ms. Marshall’s body was discovered, an incident of violence was reported at the waterfront boardwalk, where an individual was stabbed. A 25-year-old suspect linked to this incident has since been charged with attempted murder. Police have ascertained that the suspect was not acquainted with the victim. At present, there is no suggestion that the waterfront stabbing is connected to Ms. Marshall’s murder.


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