Saskatoon’s Puptoberfest: Dogs, Devotion and Fundraising for SPCA


Bathed in the golden glow of an unseasonably warm fall day, Saskatoon pulsated with zest and wagging tails as dog lovers and their faithful companions flocked to Puptoberfest, an ebullient gala organized by the Saskatoon SPCA.

Fred Dyck, president of the Saskatoon SPCA, voiced his joy seeing attendees revel in the event’s unique allure. “Prepare to be amused by dogs showcasing their talents. Our 25 vendors offer a diverse array of attractions, along with a bouncy castle and captivating live music”, he detailed.

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This congregation of various dog clubs and canine aficionados offered a buzzing platform to celebrate the unmistakable bond between humans and their dogs. Puptoberfest became a natural magnet for dynamic local dog groups, such as the Toon Town Hounds, the city’s glamorous new entrant on the dog show horizon.

Dee Colbert, the charismatic president of the Hub City Kennel Club, was eager to share about their club’s enthralling new feature. “It’s an exhilarating game of scent-hurdle, combining relay race elements with scent detection. Watching your dog leap over hurdles, sleuth out the scent and ecstatically lap up praises – the experience is incredibly rewarding,” Colbert shared, in a voice lit with enthusiasm.

More than just a celebration, Puptoberfest also plays an instrumental role as an essential fundraiser for the Saskatoon SPCA’s mission – finding the right home for every dog. Dyck reflected on this noble cause, emphasizing the event’s significant contribution to it. “We facilitate the adoption of not just dogs, but also cats. While Saturdays are earmarked for cat adoptions, we focus on our canine friends on Sundays. Puptoberfest, however, is all-encompassing. It’s prime time to raise funds for all our operations,” Dyck elaborated.

Over the years, Puptoberfest has metamorphosed into versions enhanced by the times and the SPCA’s needs. However, this iteration holds a unique significance as it signals the end of an era – the final Puptoberfest at the current location before Saskatoon SPCA moves into the city’s heart.

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