Saskatoon tenant faces eviction over $150 rent shortfall, negotiates grace period with landlord


In an unfortunate turn of events, proprietors of a Saskatoon-based apartment complex endeavored to dislodge a tenant as she fell short of her rent by $150. This incident was disclosed by the Office of Residential Tenancies.

The tenant occupied an apartment in the complex situated at 3609 Chaben Place, and was accountable to pay a monthly rent of $1,200. Hearing officer Kim Petrescue indicated that the tenant managed to remit only a sum of $1,050 at the commencement of July.

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With the outstanding payment reaching a fortnight, the landlord presented her with an eviction notice on July 18. Petrescue remarked that the tenant did not vacate the premises following the dispatchment of the first notice.

Subsequently, the landlord sought an order of possession from the Office of Residential Tenancies (ORT). If accorded, this order would bestow them with the authority to forcefully evacuate the tenant.

However, by August 1, the tenant submitted yet another payment of $1,050 — amplifying the outstanding balance to $300. In the hearing convened by the ORT, the tenant expressed her predicament. She unveiled personal issues that impeded her from making the full payment.

Petrescue documented, “She defended herself stating she contacted her worker and assured the rent arrears would be settled in full by the coming Tuesday or Wednesday. She affirmed she would be capable of covering the complete rent moving forward.”

Though the tenant’s assurances did not entirely quell the landlord’s mistrust, they agreed to revoke the eviction order if they received their $300 by the ensuing Wednesday.

Accepting these terms, Petrescue sanctioned the order, and the tenant was likewise mandated to settle the landlord’s application fee of $50. In her concluding remarks, Petrescue declared, “This order does not exclude the landlord from pursuing a monetary claim against the tenant for damages not deliberated in this order.”