Saskatoon Police Renew Public Appeal in 16-Year-Old Homicide Case


In an appeal to the citizens of Saskatoon, local police are resolutely urging the public to assist in an ongoing enquiry into a cold case dating back to 2007. Authorities believe that this appeal could potentially break through the frozen, 16-year-long homicide investigation.

Central to the investigation is the tragic tale of 19-year-old Marie Lasas whose life was abruptly ended far too soon. As the calendar page flipped to June 30, 2007, the quiet alley behind a 33rd Street hardware store morphed into a scene from a grim tragedy. It was here that the remains of the young woman, vanished since September of the previous year, were discovered.

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Marie Lasas, before her life was brutally taken, was last seen on a seemingly regular night. Emerging from a friend’s residence situated at the 600 block of Avenue H South, she mentioned planning to walk to a family member’s dwelling on 28th Street at approximately half-past ten, a journey she never completed.

The discovery of her remains, an entire year later, sent a ripple of shock and sorrow through her family and the community. Identification proceeded through the comparison of the remains with dental records of the victim, confirming the grim reality that had fallen upon the Lasas family.

Elcid Morrissette, Marie’s uncle, once recalled in an interview from 2007 that the family clung onto hope until the conclusive forensic evidence. He stated, “We were inundated with rumours about her sightings in various cities, maintaining a flicker of hope that Marie was still alive out there.” A poignant pause followed, filling the room with grief, before he sadly added, “That’s not quite how we wished to find her.”

To this day, the investigation remains an open wound, unsolved and unresolved. The Saskatoon police force believes in the public’s potential to aid in bringing this case to a close. As such, any person harbouring pertinent information is encouraged to reach out to the police or Crime Stoppers.

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