Saskatoon Auto Shop Transforms Triplet Porsches with Top Japanese Tuner Nakai’s Expertise


In a cinematic spectacle, three sleek, top-of-the-line custom Porsches take center stage at a local auto shop. The proprietor of Nuo Auto, having a desire to carve a niche on the global platform, solicited the expertise of eminent Japanese car tuner Akira Nakai. Embarking on a venture to transform three late-model Porsches with expansive body kits, the aim is to establish Saskatoon’s automotive prowess.

Speaking passionately, Shaun Teo, the owner of ECUWerks, expressed his elation at contributing to the global image of their beloved city. The team at Nuo Auto have burnt the midnight oil for months preparing the cars for Nakai’s arrival, a momentous occasion that has been several years in anticipation.

Travel restrictions propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic have hampered Nakai’s global adventures, remarked Teo. The team at Nuo Auto has therefore been diligently finishing all the suspension work and ensuring everything is primed for the master tuner’s arrival.

Nakai, known for his swift and discreet working style, generally keeps to himself while meticulously tuning a car. The staff at Nuo Auto, eager to absorb his knowledge and skills, have been pushing the envelope, logging extra hours to learn from one of the very best in the industry. Jake Xiez of Nuo Auto beautifully encapsulated what sets an RWB Porsche apart, explaining the attention to longevity and functionality in the design.

Before transitioning into a tuning legend, Nakai was a professional racer in Japan, primarily championing the late-model Porsches such as the 911 930. The sole focus of his tuning shop, Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB), lies in the transformation of this iconic vehicle.

Clients vouch for Nakai’s personalized and careful approach, receiving the same dedication and fervor as if Nakai himself was the end recipient of the tuned vehicle. His mantra remains simple, ‘treat each car as if it was my own.’

Covid-related travel restrictions have led to a substantial backlog in his specialized craft. Teo highlighted how eagerly his clientele await Nakai’s magic touch, with approximately 300 vehicles currently in queue. This triple build holds additional significance, with the emergence of three different generations of RWB – a 964, a 993, and a 997, all owned by a single proprietor. It’s certainly an achievement to be loudly celebrated.

Although there is no foreseeable intention to sell the three spectacular Porsches, a tempting enough offer could perhaps persuade the owner of Nuo Auto otherwise. After Saskatoon, Nakai’s tuning pilgrimage will continue in Edmonton and Vancouver before he makes his way back to Japan.


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