Saskatchewan’s First Two Months Of COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Figures


If things had transpired as health authorities had envisioned, a great number of people in Saskatchewan would have received their jab by now.

When authorities in the province announced their vaccination schedule on the 9th of December last year, many expected that there would about 10725 weekly shipments of the vaccine from government warehouses, starting December. These figures did not include the weekly shipment of the vaccine Moderna.

Had the province met this target, they would have administered at least 85800 doses starting the 27th of December. However, some shortages led to delays at the start of 2021. The province has only administered 50326 doses, including the first and second rounds, in just 11 or 13 regions.

Fortunately, shipment is projected to increase in the coming days, premier Scott Moe said.
Last Tuesday, the premier noted that the province expects 28000 Pfizer and 4500 Moderna doses in the next fortnight. A great portion of this will be shipped to persons who are awaiting their second dose. He noted the Southcentral and southwest regions, which are yet to get a single dose, will get some of the vaccines.

Health workers were some of the groups to be vaccinated first last December. They make up the first group scheduled for vaccination in the province’s two-pronged program. Members of the public will be vaccinated at an increment of 10-year in the second phase, starting with persons aged 60 and 69.

Many are concerned that vaccinating workers who were locked out of phase one would delay the send phase’s initiation. The premier said that if they continue to receive the doses at the present rate, they will experience delays.

The premier added that the province expects 380000 doses in quarter 1 of this year, with the rate of vaccination expected to pick up next month.


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