Saskatchewan SIRT Probes Saskatoon Police Conduct in Recent Arrest


The Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) of Saskatchewan has commenced an investigation into the conduct of Saskatoon police officers during an arrest that transpired last week. This investigative act was triggered by events early Thursday dawn when law enforcement officials noticed a vehicle behaving abnormally on 21st Street West near Avenue Y South.

According to the police, the vehicle evaded their attempts to pull it over, speeding into a nearby park where it crashed into a bench. The driver, a 32-year-old man, allegedly abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. Swift action by a canine police unit eventually led to his capture in a nearby alley. This, however, resulted in his arm getting injured, which necessitated immediate medical attention.

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Post the hospital treatment, the man was subsequently discharged, given a directive for further medical follow-ups and formally charged with evading police as well as dangerous driving. Further details revealed a 31-year-old passenger in the vehicle, who was charged with violation of court conditions. Post arrest, the local police force recommended a SIRT investigation.

SIRT’s primary function is that of a watchdog body to probe instances where police actions have potentially led to severe injuries or fatalities. In this case, they will be looking exhaustively at the police conduct, scrutinizing every facet of the arrest along with the cause of the man’s injury. The findings of the investigation will eventually be made public via a comprehensive report within 90 days of the investigation’s conclusion.

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