Saskatchewan Sanctuary Happy Little Hooves Offers New Hope to Special Needs Equines


Nestled on the outskirts of Estevan, a sanctuary named Happy Little Hooves is giving hope to some of Saskatchewan’s pint-sized equines suffering from special needs. The sanctuary pays special attention to donkeys and ponies requiring extraordinary medical attention or those with behavioural issues.

Often, these animals bear the harsh brunt of cruelty, rescues from circumstances of abuse or neglect.

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Supported by the determined efforts of sisters Laura and Rhonda Stock, Happy Little Hooves came into existence in 2018, and is currently nurturing a full capacity of 40 equines from across Saskatchewan.

Rhonda Stock recalls, “When we started, we were unsuspecting of the overwhelming demand for a safe haven for these little equines. Within the first year, we welcomed an incredible number into our family.”

By the dawn of 2019, the sanctuary officially registered its name. Plans once predicted to stretch over a decade surprisingly saw a quick implementation.

“Our 10-year-plan unexpectedly unfolded into a two-week-affair as we took in our first set of residents,” Laura Stock reminisced brightly.

The sister’s noble mission captivates the hearts of many, including pre-veterinary student Saber Dodd. A volunteer at the sanctuary for the past four years, Dodd firmly believes it embodies the existence of kindness in the world.

He says, “Volunteering here has enriched my perspective, making me empathetic towards animals and people. It has also cemented my ambition of working with animals.”

Looking ahead, the Stock sisters intend on providing shelter enhancements, upgrading fencing, and shedding light on common misconceptions about these adorable beings.

Laura mused, “People often perceive donkeys as stubborn and miniature horses as the devil. However, getting to interact with them, you’ll experience these beautiful little personalities that make our lives fuller.”

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