Saskatchewan Roughriders Eyeing Seven-Win Target Amid Consecutive Losses


The Saskatchewan Roughriders, left with a bitter taste after their recent loss to the Ottawa Redblacks, haven’t enjoyed the sweet thrill of victory since the Labour Day Classic. This undesirable development has put the team on a three-game slide. “You have to fall back onto the fundamentals, the things you’ve been painting repeatedly in your mind…to move past this and focus on making the next play better,” shared running back Frankie Hickson, during a post-practice discussion.

The team’s approach to practice post this setback was visibly different on Monday. The focus shifted more towards film analysis and less on actual fieldwork, a liberal change introduced to boost their winning chances. “We decided that it was high time we switched gears a bit. Today’s productive session, though more of a mental exercise, was quite fruitful,” expressed Jake Dolegala, the team’s quarterback.

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The team’s league performance also slightly dipped; they are now holding onto a 6-8 standing after recording their third successive defeat. Ironically, this is a familiar phase for the ‘Green and White’. They suffered seven consecutive losses last year after winning their initial six games.

Craig Dickenson, the team’s head coach, believes the team needs more than seven victories to make real progress. For now, they are eyeing their seven-win target to progress and hopefully end the season on a high note. Six victories won’t cut it, and while maybe eight could make a difference, the team aspires to nine wins for this season.

However, the Roughriders may still have a chance with the rest of the West division’s recent performance. With both Calgary and Edmonton losing their matches over the weekend, the Roughriders still reserve their third position in the West, holding their hopes high for a playoff spot.

“We remain confident that we can triumph over anyone if we bring our best game on,” voiced Dickenson. “But it’s clear that we have to improve our preparation for the future games.”

On neutral terms, second-position holders BC Lions will be their next challenge this coming weekend. Seeing the season split with the Lions so far, the pressure is immense for the Roughriders after three consecutive losses and no road victory achieved since week three. Hickson addressed this by emphasizing the team’s resolve to return to the basics.

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