Sarnia Police Thwart Kidnapping and Assault: Two Locals Charged


In the early morning hours of a quiet Sunday, just shy of eight bells, an alarming scenario unfolded in the vicinity of Victoria and Davis Street, as reported to the Sarnia Police Service by a watchful local citizen. The attentive observer detailed a chilling scenario of a person being assaulted by a duo armed with a bat.

This witness account also chillingly noted the victim’s forced disrobing and subsequent forced containment within an automobile. Responding to this urgent plea, the Sarnia police swung into action, converging on the designated area.

Fortuitously, the law enforcers were successful in their swift pursuit, managing to intercept the suspicious vehicle. Their investigation unfolded a scene straight from a crime novel – one victim duly found in the back seat, while a second captive was discovered hidden inside the automobile’s trunk.

While the initial report suggested a harsh assault, the police confirmed that fortunately neither of the victims had sustained significant physical damage in the incident. However, both still required the administration of medical aid, an indication of their harrowing ordeal.

As a result of their in-depth investigation, the police gleaned crucial information pointing towards a possible prior acquaintance between the alleged offenders and the victims.

A tandem of Sarnians, aged 44 and 47 respectively, now stand charged with an array of violent crimes – kidnapping, forcible confinement, as well as assault with a weapon, further complicated by possession of a weapon with apparent dangerous intent.

Given the severity of their alleged crimes, both accused individuals are currently held in judicial custody, awaiting the proceedings of a bail hearing.

With the investigation ongoing, the Sarnia Police Service extends an earnest appeal to all citizens with any information regarding this case to come forward and assist in their attempts to unravel this shocking incident.


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