Santiment Analytics Predicts Bullish Surge for Dogecoin, Cardano Based on MVRV Ratios


The cutting-edge on-chain analytics corporation, Santiment, has recently unveiled that two digital assets, Dogecoin and Cardano, are exhibiting promising bullish features based on specific metrics. The focus here lies on the low 30-day Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) Ratios these two assets currently hold.

Understanding the MVRV ratio is crucial in this context. This widely used on-chain indicator maintains a record of the ratio between the market cap and the realized cap for any given digital coin. Here, market cap refers to the simple total value of the asset’s supply calculated using the current price.

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The realized cap, on the other hand, provides yet another angle to assess the value of a cryptocurrency. This method doesn’t equalize the value of all tokens in circulation with the spot price — instead, it presumes the intrinsic value of any coin is identical to the price at which it was last transferred on the blockchain.

This equation means the realistic cap essentially calculates the sum of the cost basis of every coin in circulation. Therefore, it reflects the total amount of capital that investors have invested in a specific cryptocurrency available in circulation.

The MVRV ratio is of significant importance as it measures the value that investors hold presently against their primary investment. Consequently, its value provides insight into the market’s overall profit-loss status. According to the recent metric trends shared by the analytics firm, Dogecoin and Cardano’s 30-day MVRV have emerged with ‘very bullish’ outlooks.

Santiment’s recent data showcases that the 30-day MVRV ratio, which represents the profit-loss equation for investors who acquired their coins within the past month, has tread on negative terrains for several top players in the past weeks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

In such a scenario, investors would typically incur a loss. However, it might not be as catastrophic as it sounds. As per Santiment’s analysis, there is an inverse correlation. The lower a cryptocurrency’s 30-day MVRV is, the higher is the likelihood of a short-term bounce.

Currently, while Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP hold minor negative values, implying a possible undervaluation, Toncoin remains largely neutral at -0.6%. Distinctly, Dogecoin and Cardano wear a bold-colored cloak with 30-day MVRV ratios of -16.7% and -12.6% respectively. This deep in the negative territory, these coins have polygonal bullish potential, and could be the ones to watch in the coming days.

This news carries weight, especially considering Dogecoin’s recent ride on the bearish wave, with its price hitting a dip at $0.125. Irrespective of the past fluctuations, keeping an eye on these two digital assets could prove insightful, given the potential green signal in their MVRV Ratio.