San Diego Zoo Welcomes First Pandas in Over Two Decades from China


San Diego, renowned for its buzzing zoo, has recently become home to two charismatic pandas – Yun Chuan and Xin Bao – who just made their overseas journey from China. According to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, these gentle giants are adjusting well to their new dwellings since their arrival a month prior.

Shutterbugs from the zoo have captured heartwarming images of the pandas exploring their new habitat. However, the public will have to bide their time before gaining the privilege of locking eyes with the distinctive black and white spectacle. The mysterious duo, however, marks an exciting milestone – they are the first pandas to step foot onto U.S. soil after a significant hiatus of 21 years.

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Yun Chuan, the playful and enterprising male of the duo, is nearing his 5th birthday, while Xin Bao, the slightly younger and attentive female companion, is close to celebrating her 4th birthday. As the pandas continue to acclimatize to their fresh surroundings, the zoo staff have been working in tandem with Chinese professionals to ensure the pandas’ specific dietary needs are not merely met, but enjoyed.

In an endeavor to evoke a slice of their homeland, the caregiving team of the San Diego Zoo has offered a smorgasbord of fresh bamboo and a locally adapted version of the endearing wowotou – the traditional Chinese bun earning the colloquial title of ‘panda bread’.

As for when the public will finally be able to meet and gawk at the adorable pandas, the Alliance has stated it will be a matter of weeks. The waiting game will, undeniably, be well worth it for all animal enthusiasts and generally anyone who gets weak-kneed at the sight of these majestic creatures.

The addition of Yun Chuan and Xin Bao to the San Diego Zoo is not just a priceless addition for the visitors but also a golden feather in the cap of the Zoo, who continue to show a rich heritage of partnership and cooperation with China. For almost three decades, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, in collaboration with leading conservation establishments in China, has been committed to the protection and recovery of giant pandas and their critical bamboo forests.