Sami Fruits opens up on the West Island


The long awaited opening of Sami Fruits gave fruits and veggie lovers a great opFruits, West Island, Sami Fruit, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, Dollard Des Ormeauxtion when shopping for fresh produce.  The selection is extensive to say the least.  The standard selection of fruits and vegetables are offered along with a wide variety of exotic and rare sought after choices.

Prices are reasonable and clearly marked over the grand displays of delicious selections.

Eggs and nuts are available in bulk.  I was a bit turned off by the lack of sneeze/cough barriers over the bulk items.

None of the produce had the place of origin marked along side the price.  Some of the items had stickers but without my glasses I could not read the country in which the fruit was grown.

Payment is cash only.  They will not be getting bank/debit machines in the future.  Take note that they are closed Monday and Tuesday every week .

Located in Dollard des Ormeaux at 300 Rue Du Marche, 514-421-6333

Sami Fruit


  1. Sammy’s fruits is great! The only suggestion I have for this amazing produce market is STOP using PLASTIC BAGS. Encourage people to bring there own reusable produce and shopping bags.


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