Sainte-Anne’s Firefighters hose tower true costs made public


by Rhonda Massad

The majority of the 3 person Demolition Committee voted yesterday to authorize the issuance of a demolition permit for the 80 year old landmark Firefighters Hose Tower that sits atop Sainte Anne de Bellevue City Hall.

The actual costs which had remained confidential until yesterday’s meeting were publicly unveiled. They show a current cost difference of $14,000, rather than the original $40,000 previously advanced, between the cost of repairing the historic tower versus demolition.

Until yesterday due to the laws that protect the confidentiality of the contracts process, the general public was unaware that the $40,000 included annual regular maintenance costs of $1950 per year, for the next 10 years.

Sainte-Anne Mayor Paola Hawa and Councillors Dana Chevalier and Ryan Young voted to restore and preserve the tower at the August council meeting. Councillors Francis Juneau, Daniel Boyer, Yvan Labelle and Michel Boudreault voted to demolish the Hose Tower..

Hawa lists the specific costs that were under a veil of confidentiality on her Facebook page explaining how the costs are divided. She also points out that there are 30 days to appeal the demolition committee decision.

In a bold attempt to respond to the residents who are in favor of restoring the tower, Sainte-Anne Mayor Paola Hawa has set up a GoFundMe campaign for people who wish to save the tower.  So far the fund has raised $1,205 on the website with $2000 off-line pledged.

Should you wish to help save the Firefighters’ Hose Tower, go to GoFundMe – Save the Hose Tower and make a donation.


As seen on Paola Hawa’s Facebook page:

“The exact breakdown as per the estimates are:


Phase 1 – 2016: $30,725

Phase 2 – 2017-2020: $41,000

Total repair: $71,725


Demolition: $57,500


Difference between Repair /Demolition = $14,225

* the estimates reflect the presence of asbestos

* repair would require annual maintenance cost of approx $1,900.

Thirty (30) days to appeal the demolition committee’s decision.”


  1. Quite interesting indeed. The project analysis was for 10 years so the combined $20,000 of annual maintenance is being left off for the tax payers to assume after they voted to demolish it in the first place. Then there is no mention of incidentals and the fact that there are no professional or legal guarantees on the work based upon those prices. So the crowd funding can cover the cost of the restoration and the citizen get stuck with taxation in order to maintain it without warranties.

  2. Birthday:
    What or who can confirm that the hose tower dates back to 1936 ? So far, nobody seems to know for sure and all the speculation is hearsay. In fact, when one checks the book published by the town for its 300 year-anniversary in 2003, the picture of Town Hall is painted in white and no tower appears on the picture. Where did it go ?
    Are you all as confused as I am ?

    Demolition vs Restoration:
    Wednesday at 21h38, the Mayor stated on «Remembering Ste-Anne» facebook (a non-political website) that she had just found out that the difference was $14000 instead of $40,000 as originally believed. Strangely enough, her comment and those of other concerned citizens disappeared shortly after. Could it be that the numbers don’t add up ? Fortunately, some of us (the small group) record her every word, now that we know her stories change as the world turns … Wednesday night, she apparently found out about the «new» cost. Thursday morning, she states that she knew about it weeks ago. During last month’s question period, she talked about a $40,000 difference.
    Oh, by the way, it’s no longer a restoration; now it’s a reconstruction.
    Are you all as confused as I am ?

    Go Fund Me:
    The «Go Fund Me Save the Ste-Anne Hose Tower» seems to have been initiated by Paola Hawa although, according to a Viva Media article dated Sept. 28, 2016, the Mayor is stated as saying she is pleased that a grassroots initiative accumulated $5205 ($4000 from benefactors + $1205 from the Go Fund Me). Yet Thursday, according to you, they only have $3205 ($2000 + $1205). Where and why this discrepancy ?
    Are you all as confused as I am ?

    The objective:
    The original objective ($40,000) was lowered today to $14,000. Since the Mayor had the real figures for weeks, why did she start the bidding on Sept. 27th knowing that those figures were confidential ? When one understands how this kind of fundraising works (the first week makes or breaks it), why did the Mayor not wait a few days more before initiating the fundraiser at $14,000 instead or $40,000 ?
    Are you all as confused as I am ?

    Bottom line:
    When all is said and done, where were the Mayor’s grassroots Hose Tower proponents wednsday night ? Is it possible that the 50 signatures out of a population of over 5000 on a 2-month old petition represented the total «nay» votes ? Better yet, is it possible that the 4 councillors Juneau, Boyer, Labelle and Boudreault got it right and actually did represent the majority while Ms Hawa is already working on next year’s election ?
    I’m not confused about that one; are you ?


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