Renovations will take place exclusively inside the municipality’s city hall building, beginning September 28th, 2020. 

The last major interior renovations took place about 15 years ago, and so the building is due for a little upkeep. Some of the work will include asbestos removal from the walls, improving ventilation and air circulation, and renovating the floors, stairs, furniture, etc.

This means that as of September 28th, 2020, in order to make payments, i.e. statement of offence, taxes, parking stickers, etc., people must go to 209 rue Saint Anne Avenue. City payments will take place at this location.

Note that due to COVID-19, only one person at a time will be allowed inside and visitors will be asked to disinfect their hands. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

All other city hall services must be done by appointment only. This may be done via phone at 514-457-5500 or email at The receptionist will be able to direct you to the right department to make an appointment, should you wish to make an appointment with a specific person or an inquiry for any other service. Municipal employees normally working at city hall will be relocated during the renovations. 


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