Sadistic Obsession Sees Man Jailed for Vicious Assault on Sex Worker


An individual with a weak temperament ensnared in ‘torture porn’ obsession has been deposited behind bars with a sentence of nine years by the NSW District Court. The accused, Matthew Donaldson, 44, was penalized for the ruthless assault employing a hammer on a sex worker, conducted in a premium luxurious hotel.

Donaldson, appearing emotionless and dejected, sporting thick, black-framed eyewear, stood in front of the court after accepting blame for the grievous bodily harm with pre-determined intent to commit murder. The vicious attack transpired on the 23rd February 2021.

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In the court hearing, it was found that Donaldson had been feeding his obsession with violent pornographic material for weeks ahead of the atrocious deed. His premeditated intent was to reenact the extreme sexual acts portrayed in the hard-core adult content with the lady of the night, for which he prepared a ‘torture porn kit’ complete with ball gags, rope, duct tape, and lubricant.

Donaldson also carried lethal weapons, including a knife, a handgun, and the hammer. He had specifically purchased the hammer from Bunnings that very afternoon, that same day reading numerous articles on murders, one of them featuring a murdered sex worker. The grim items were in his possession when he checked into the erstwhile Primus Hotel on Pitt St.

After 8 pm, he made acquaintance with the sex worker at the hotel bar. The court was informed that his forced attempt to undress the woman using a knife led to uncomfortable tension. This was supposedly his debut sexual encounter.

However, events took a terrifying turn when a disagreement about sex work ethics erupted. Donaldson, in an act of heated fury, hit the lady over the head multiple times with the hammer.

Judge Antony Townsend recounted that the victim suffered a “frenzied and brutal attack” leading to permanent brain and facial injuries. He added, “The injuries could have resulted in fatality.”

Leaving the woman, only 26 years old, unconscious amidst a crimson pool of her own blood, Donaldson fled, leaving behind his victim having endured multiple fractures to her skull, cheek, and eye socket. She spent three months recuperating in a hospital and underwent reconstructive surgery to mend her crushed skull. Her vision is irrevocably impaired.

In a twist of the knife, as she lay in her own blood, Donaldson sent a mocking text: “Should have picked a different career, honey.”

Judge Townsend noted the man’s discontent with his life progression and absence of a lasting intimate relationship.

Donaldson confided to the police that he planned to squander his funds on a lavish stay at the hotel, engaging escorts to live out his sadistic fantasies before committing suicide. The police later found images he captured at the scene, captioned “game over.”

In the court, Donaldson revealed he heard voices commanding him to perpetrate this barbarity. He attributed these hallucinations to untreated schizophrenia.

Having weighed the evidence, including diagnoses of schizophrenia and autism, Judge Townsend pronounced that these conditions somewhat mitigated his moral culpability yet warranted a longer non-parole period. Noting the convict’s remorse, lack of prior criminal record, guilty plea for possessing a weapon, and a loaded firearm in public, the court sentenced him to nine years in total, with a non-parole period of six years.