Rush Street Interactive Stock Soars on 2024 Earnings Forecast


Rush Street Interactive, the triumphant online gaming giant, witnessed its stock price ascend dramatically, by 23.38%, during Wednesday’s post-market trading session. This surge was a direct response to the company’s announcement of robust earnings projections for the year 2024. With an aura of confidence, Rush Street Interactive laid out its financial road map, highlighting anticipated revenues that could reach between $770 million and $830 million, alongside adjusted EBITDA figures estimated to lie between $35 million and $45 million. These ambitious targets signal an EBITDA growth spurt of a staggering 390% and a revenue increase of a solid 16%.

The foundations for these expectations are built upon specific conditions – assuming the current operational jurisdictions remain static and that the company continues its stride in present markets. With a North American presence that stretches across multiple states and into Ontario, Canada, Rush Street Interactive has cast a wide net over the potentially lucrative iGaming and sports wagering seas.

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Rush Street Interactive’s buoyant outlook has its roots in the company’s performance the previous year, where it managed to reverse its fortunes, leaving behind a loss of $91.8 million to secure an adjusted EBITDA of $8.2 million. The year 2023 was a banner one for the operator, with revenue swelling by 17% to $691.2 million. Key to its financial health is a balance sheet as pristine as freshly fallen snow – a debt-free status complemented by a hefty cash reserve of $168 million. This cache, representing a sizeable chunk of the firm’s market valuation, sits quietly, perhaps yet to be fully acknowledged for its true worth.

Ever the strategist, CEO Richard Schwartz conveyed the company’s robust financial position, uniquely positioning them to further invest and deepen their footprint in new markets with aplomb. With recent expansions, such as their successful launch in Delaware, Rush Street Interactive showcases its amplified capability to pioneer growth while looking boldly across the Americas.

Among those frontiers is Latin America, an arena where Rush Street Interactive’s revenue soared by 50%. Their strategic foresight in marking their territory in Colombia and Mexico—two of the region’s top economies—could suggest that the potential of its operations in the Americas is yet to be wholly recognized. Speculation is rife as the industry beholds the potential for Rush Street Interactive to cast its gaze further across the landscape of this vibrant region.

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