Rupert Murdoch, Media Mogul, Marries for Fifth Time at 93


Royalty among the realm of American media, Rupert Murdoch, a seasoned veteran of 93 years, has once again embraced marital bliss, exchanging vows with his beloved for an impressive fifth time. This intriguing announcement was confirmed on Sunday through his own media conglomerate, News Corp.

The bride, Elena Zhukova, a Russian beauty of 67 winters, retired from a distinguished career as a molecular biologist. The couple’s vows blossomed into a sacred promise on Saturday, within the picturesque confines of Murdoch’s opulent vineyard estate nestled within the affluent Bel Air area of California. This special occasion was well-documented by News Corp, as photographs of the gleefully wedded couple were promptly released. The news of their official engagement had previously colored headlines in the month of March.

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In the pages of Murdoch’s star-studded romantic history, one finds model and actor Jerry Hall, his ex-wife. Their marriage flourished from 2016 until a divorce in 2022 etched a painful chapter into their shared narrative.

Zhukova, too, had her share of high-profile alliances. She was previously married to the mighty Alexander Zhukov, an affluent energy investor commanding billions and a potent force in Russian politics. Even their progeny, Dasha, was once wed to Roman Abramovich, a fellow billionaire from Russia known internationally as the former owner of the esteemed Premier League soccer club, Chelsea.

The epilogue of 2022 witnessed Murdoch relinquishing his reign over his cherished media territories, including Fox News’ parent company and News Corp media holdings. The successor to his gargantuan throne proved to be his son, Lachlan, navigating a media empire that not only spans continents but has also left an indelible imprint on the canvas of American politics.

Peering back into the past, in 1952, Murdoch courageously embraced his destiny, inheriting a humble newspaper from his father in his native land of Australia. Over the ensuing decades, he meticulously nurtured this opportunity, amassing a magnificent news and entertainment enterprise that garnered esteemed significance in the United States and Britain. His portfolio is punctuated with ownership of some of the world’s most reputed news sources such as The Times of London and The Wall Street Journal.

Fox News Channel, the result of Murdoch’s visionary venture in 1996 and a round-the-clock network, has seeped profoundly into television history. It has solidified its position as a deemed news source for a vast base of conservative U.S. audiences and politicians, thus reinforcing Murdoch’s seminal influence on the media landscape.