Signs You Need New Running Shoes


By: Tina Mancini

Signs You Need New Running Shoes

Depending on how often you use them, you should know that your running shoes need replacing every 6 months.  That’s assuming you use them to run about 3 miles per week.  We know that seems like a fast turnaround but it is about 400 miles.  Your shoes may look fine but after that 400 miles they are not providing you with the support you need.  If you haven’t been keeping track of the age or amount of wear, you’re not alone.  Most people don’t log distance run on their shoes and the truth is you don’t really need to.  You just need to know the signs that your current shoes are in need of replacement and the best place to go to get advice on your new purchase is Shoe Hero.  Some of these signs are not only indications that you need new shoes but that your feet have other problems.  If you’ve replaced your shoes and your feet still hurt consider going to a foot clinic to have a specialist look at them, you may need orthopedic shoes.  According to one Diabetes Brampton Foot Clinic, worn shoes can contribute to very serious diabetic foot issues.

Foot Pain

Pain can be caused by any number of reasons; maybe you just recently started running, or running more than normal.  Perhaps you started running on pavement for the first time or maybe you have just plain ole’ overworked yourself.  Another reason for things like shin splints, achy knees and back soreness though is the need for a new running shoe.  While none of these signs should automatically make you run to the store, it is handy to keep in mind that the two can be linked.

A couple of things that can help you decide if your running shoes have “run their course” are;

The Shoe Twist Test

Hold your running shoe by the heel and toe and twist it like you would to open a jar.  If the shoe twists easily it’s time to get a new pair of running shoes.  It is true you want your running shoe to have some flexibility, but you also want it to stabilize your ankle during your stride.  Being able to twist it like this is a good indication it has worn down too much to support your feet properly. For some great options try these from GearWeAre.

Worn Shoe Treads

Finally, if you look at the soles of your shoes and you see that you don’t have any grip on them, not only is that unsafe, but you have for sure worn them way past the 400 mile mark.  It’s time for new ones.

While running shoes may be pricey, think of how often you wear them, and what you expect from them.  If they are going to properly support you and help prevent injuries, they need to be in top shape.  Check your running shoes today!

Tina Mancini is a Montreal resident who works as an administrative assistant by day and enjoys researching and writing about different topics that catch her eye by night.


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