Rugby Dynamo Crichton Aims for Historic Score in Grand Finale


Seasoned in the sporting field, Stephen Crichton stands to leave an indelible mark on the annals of rugby league. A 23-year-old dynamo revered as an “athletic anomaly” and no less than the finest sportsman his team colleagues have ever witnessed, Crichton shies away from the world of gaming consoles, focusing instead on forging his legacy on the rugby field.

Crichton maps out a monumental matchup with his 100th appearance for Penrith slated for this forthcoming Sunday’s grand finale, coinciding with his final game before transitioning to Canterbury, where fullback is his forecasted position.

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Significance abounds in Sunday’s farewell. However, one golden opportunity, in particular, shines brightly for Crichton: the chance to achieve a score in four consecutive grand finals – a feat only ever accomplished by one other gifted individual.

Looking back to yesteryear, we find St George Dragons legend Johnny King, who troubled the scorer in six repeat grand finals from 1960 to 1965. Meanwhile, Brett Kenny of Parramatta holds a unique record himself, scoring doubles in three successive finals.

The stage is set for Crichton to attempt repeating his scoring prowess of the previous three years. His 2020, 2021, and 2022 performances already recorded his name on the score sheets.

When confronted with his historic opportunity, Crichton divulged his humble obliviousness regarding such stats. He expressed that the spotlight belonged on his team and their combined efforts for the upcoming match. Expressing immense gratitude for his record-breaking try against Souths, deeming it as his proudest achievement because of its grand finale status.

Measuring 193cm and weighing 99kg, Crichton poses a formidable challenge to opposing defenders. His aerial skills, nimble footwork, and blistering speed bolster his threat level. An ardent outdoor enthusiast, his athletic prowess can be credited to a sport-rich childhood, stripping him of time for PlayStation distractions.

Witnessing Crichton’s athletic marvels, team-member Liam Martin acknowledged Crichton’s multi-sport abilities. He is of the opinion that like the rest of us, Crichton has everything applicable to continue dominating the field for the coming decade, his incredible physical capacity complemented by consummate mental fortitude.

The Bulldogs eagerly welcome Crichton in an attempt to reignite their rugby league fortunes plagued by many misfortunate seasons. Yet, the talented Crichton maintains an unwavering focus on his immediate task: capping off his Panthers career with a third championship victory.

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