Rubber Duck River Race Started In Alberta, Concludes In Russian Shore


In 2019, Vladimir Matusevitch was holidaying in the Rybachy Peninsula’s Arctic shores, north Russia.

Caught among the beach rocks, was a rubber duck on whose body the figures 1417 were inscribed.

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He said back then that this was an odd find.

He stated that later on, it hit him that this was a race duck, from one of those festivals where such ducks are let loose in rivers for the sake of charity, but wasn’t sure where they had been released.

He decided to find out where they had come from. He sent out Facebook messages and emails to various duck races across the globe.

In the summer, Monika Iverson, organizer of Ardmore duck Race, Alberta, about 260 km north of Edmonton chanced upon Matusevitch’s message.

She added that she informed him the duck was one of theirs.

She stated that it was one of their ducks because the number inscribed on it was written in her handwriting. Iverson says she think the duck went into the waters on the 4th of June, 2017.

Matusevitch found the duck on the 16th of August, 2019.

Once the dick hit the sea, its possible it clockwise in the Hudson Bay, through James Bay, this is according to Paul Myers, current expert at the University of Alberta.

It may have followed the Iceland and Scotland route, went up the Norwegian coast, landing on the shores of Russia, Myers added.

The two are currently negotiating the return of Iverson’s duck to Canada.