R&R Partners Urge Locals in Nevada to Get Vaccinated Amidst the Rising Cases of Delta Variant


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is working with health officials to up vaccination in the Strip. LVCVA also wants to encourage locals to get vaccinated to boost the state tourism industry, LVCVA plan to set up pop-ups vaccination sites at the hotel and casinos sites.

R&R Partner’s advertisement agency says that the current coronavirus situation is a national issue. But other states are pointing at Las Vegas by advising their resident not to visit the Strip. R&R Partners is the recently contracted firm by LVCVA as the advertising and marketing agency for the Strip.

Officials in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago have warned people about visiting Nevada due to the high rate of new COVID-19 cases and low vaccination rates.

Last Friday, Nevada reported 1000 new cases of COVID-19, and hospitalization has also exceeded 1, 000 mark for the first time in five months. The new cases involved a highly contagious delta variant that has prompted health officials to call for more vaccinations. In the US, 69 percent of eligible people have received at least one dose. In Nevada, 56 percent of residents aged 12 years and above have received at least one dose, and about 47 percent of Nevada have been fully vaccinated.

The uptick of new cases of COVID-19 is a threat to Las Vegas tourism which has been picking in the previous months. Nevada Gaming Control Board has started mandating masks to employees working in casino spaces.


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