Roys Tie Knot Amidst Tropical Storm, Declare It Blessing for Future Union


The late afternoon of a Saturday did not paint a picturesque backdrop for a wedding in St. Stephen, N.B as sheets of rain fell and gusty winds from post-tropical storm Lee wreaked havoc. This unexpected scene, however, did not deter Sarah and Dave Roy who still went ahead with their wedding ceremony, considering the adjustment a positive omen for their future union.

Approximately 130 friends and family members congregated under the shelter of Garcelon Civic Centre, their anticipation evident amidst the laughter, tears, and sighs as the couple pledged fidelity to each other under a flower-laden arch. Their vows, unique as they portrayed their personalities, also pledged quirky promises. This included the groom committing to a lifetime supply of wonton soup and the bride allowing her husband occasional victories in crib games.

Having tied the matrimonial knot amidst the roaring storm, the Roys drew confidence in their ability to confront whatever challenges married life posed. Sarah Roy professed to feeling fortunate being Dave’s wife, regardless of their location or circumstances. Her focus remained on being with the people who cared for them and experiencing joy together in becoming the new Mrs. Roy.

The wedding complications were not exclusive to the tropical storm. Sarah had to relinquish her first choice of a venue due to it being sold, causing them to resort to Plan B. St. Stephen Wharf was designated as their next location until storm Lee came barreling across Atlantic Canada. This, consequently, prompted the change of setting into the original reception venue, the Civic Centre.

Dave Roy acknowledged that these changes introduced an unexpected degree of stress in their wedding arrangements, but was nonetheless content with how things were working out. Sarah, expressing her long-standing infatuation with Dave since he was her wrestling coach, was nonchalant about the challenges. The couple had reconnected at a bar in St. Andrews, N.B., in 2017, sparking the ignition to their fairytale romance.

Despite the hurdles, including a temporary delay to allow for Sarah to establish her career as a neurosurgery nurse and for the arrival of their daughter, Wren, the wedding reflected Sarah’s childhood dream. It included the essence of tradition such as wearing her late grandmother’s engagement ring and employing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for the occasion. They also dedicated a tribute to Dave’s grandmother with guests receiving jars of blueberry jam as tokens.

The Roys wouldn’t consider changing any part of their special day despite the challenge of the storm and the venue changes. Sarah believes that the circumstances of their wedding were an extraordinary and intimate affair, orchestrated by a higher power. The story of their unique wedding in the midst of a hurricane is a testament to their resilience and love for each other.


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