Royal Duo Advocates Mental Health in Vibrant Nigerian Visit


Under a radiant Nigerian sky, Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, emerged into a vibrant tapestry of glittering Nigerian fashion and scintillating traditional dances. Their arrival in Lagos, Nigeria’s dynamic metropolis, marked the commencement of their three-day diplomatic mission, which aims to concurrently advocate for mental health support for military personnel and foster youth empowerment.

Commissioned by the Nigerian military, the royal couple were the distinguished guests du jour. Their journey began amidst a whirlwind of dance and music, with troupes weaving breathtaking narratives of Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry at the Lagos airport. An instance that left indelible marks on the couple was the impressive acrobatic performance from a young performer who couldn’t have been more than five years old. While suspended high above the earth on the steady shoulders of a fellow dancer, the young acrobat exchanged a salute with Prince Harry, eliciting applause and a wide grin from the royal onlooker.

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In solidarity with Nigerian traditions, Meghan sported a traditional Nigerian aso oke waist sash over her summer white ensemble. This intricately woven fabric, bespeckled with myriad patterns, is often a symbol of celebration, and the royal patron sported this from a gift bestowed by a group of Nigerian women the previous day.

The royal duo’s entourage then proceeded to “Giants of Africa,” a charity dedicated to youth empowerment through basketball. Their immersive cultural journey escorted them once again to the rhythm of local music and dance. It was here that Harry and Meghan unveiled the partnership between “Giants of Africa” and their philanthropic endeavor, the Archewell Foundation.

“The work you guys are doing here at Giants of Africa is transformative,” Prince Harry commended. He emphasized the unifying, barrier-breaking power of sport, celebrating its capacity to transform lives and foster a sense of community.

The charity’s President, ex-NBA luminary Masai Ujiri, extended warm Mother’s Day greetings to Meghan, acknowledging the sacrifices of the couple to invest in projects like these, which often translate into precious time away from their family.

The royal couple’s itinerary also included a mission of compassion: a fundraiser for Nigeria’s war-wounded veterans. A noble cause that dovetails perfectly into Harry’s Invictus Games initiative, a project that Nigeria hopes to host in the future.

Their whirlwind day concluded with a visit to the Lagos State Government House, where Meghan received another handwoven Nigerian fabric as a token of welcome. “They can always come back when they want to,” stated Lagos’ Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, extending the Nigerian spirit of hospitality to the royal couple. All told, their visit was a vibrant blend of diplomatic pursuits, cultural exchange, and hearty Nigerian welcome.