Roughriders’ Robertson Suspended for Head-Butting Incident in Labour Day Classic


Pete Robertson, a defensive lineman for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, has been issued a one-game suspension in the wake of a head-butting incident that occurred during the Labour Day Classic. This punitive decision was divulged by the Canadian Football League (CFL) on Monday.

The incident in question transpired during the late stages of the game when Robertson, in a move deemed excessively aggressive by officials, incurred a roughness penalty that could have had significant repercussions for the Roughriders.

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The sequence of events unfolded with only four minutes remaining in the Labour Day Classic. Blue Bombers Quarterback, Zach Collaros, after launching an unsuccessful pass into the end zone, was confronted by Robertson. Several seconds after the whistle had blown, halting play, Robertson challenged Collaros. Advancing on him, Robertson forcefully drove his helmet into that of Collaros, causing the quarterback to collapse onto the ground.

Reacting to Robertson’s flagrant violation, officials granted Winnipeg a first down and half the distance to the goal – a direct outcome of the penalty.

This advantageous position facilitated the Bombers to score a significant vista on the subsequent play. Running back Brady Oliveira capitalised on this, pushing towards the end zone and giving the Bombers their initial lead in the game. However, the Roughriders demonstrated resilience, rallying to secure a nail-biting 32-30 victory in overtime.

With the Banjo Bowl scheduled for September 9 at 2 p.m. in Winnipeg, and promising a hotly contested rematch between the Roughriders and the Bombers, Robertson will find himself side-lined, bearing the brunt of his suspension. The ramifications of his actions are set to reverberate across the forthcoming weekend showdown.